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Bootcamp for Social Cause

Bootcamp for Medical Humanities, Social Medicine and Global Health

Strengthening health system

Neonatal and child health

Infectious diseases

Humanitarian Health

Pandemic Crisis

Global Health Security

Global Health Governance

Maternal, child and neonatal health

Non-communicable Diseases

Brain Health – “Neurology Talkies”

Health Policy

Mental Health

Data-driven medicine

Bioethics and Medical Ethics

Social medicine

Social determinants of health

Medical anthropology

Medical education

Leadership in medicine

Diversity and inclusion in medicine

Healthcare as human right

Health diplomacy and partnerships

Health and peace

Universal health coverage

Medical and Health Research

Bootcamp for Open Policy Development

Bootcamp for Social Justice

Bootcamp for Peace

Bootcamp for Human Rights

Bootcamp for Breakthrough Research Ideas and Creativity

Bootcamp for Disruptive Innovation

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Analytics

Bootcamp for thought leadership

Building and nurturing inclusive, inspiring and courageous leaders

Bootcamp for Social Entrepreneurship

Incubators for social innovation

Bootcamp for Advocacy and Partnerships

Bootcamp for Sustainable Impact